500,000 Customers in California Utility Residential Hourly Loads Database and Analysis Software


A new 2020 California MAISY Utility Customer Residential Single Family Detached Database with information on 500,000 California utility customers is now available. Each customer record includes hourly or 15-minute interval load data along with information on customer demographics, income, dwelling unit and other data along with ZIP code location. Analytics software is available to guide customer and market analysis.

This new database is the only source of psychographic and hourly load data with ZIP-Level detail for residential single family detached customers across the entire state.

This extensive database of residential customers is being provided to meet requests of solar PV/storage providers in response to recent storage technology developments and rate changes required in California over the next several years including residential customer migration to time-of-use rates. The database also provides support for product development, market sizing and other customer analysis required by other technology providers.

The database includes 20+ customer characteristics (see below) for each residential customer record including either 8,760 hourly electric loads or 35,040 15-minute interval electric loads. Databases are available for:

  • The entire state
  • Individual electric utility service areas
  • Metropolitan, regional or ZIP-code defined geographic areas

Databases and software are available in two formats:

Full Database. Provides individual customer records for residential customers in the client-specified geographic area. This option is primarily for users who intend to conduct their own in-house analysis and want to have access to all data for individual customer records.

MAISY Profiler and database access. MAISY Profiler software provides flexible intuitive access to MAISY Database information. Users enter values in an Excel form for one or more customer variables and the Profiler returns information for customers matching those variables along with average hourly or interval loads.

For example entering the ZIP code 90210 will return average income, dwelling unit size, and other customer characteristics along with the average hourly load profile for single family detached dwelling units in that ZIP code. Entering 90210 and square feet > 1000 provides data for customers matching those two filters and so on. Selecting the “ZIP Detail” instead of a specific ZIP code provides customer variable values for customers matching the filter variables for each individual ZIP code including the number of customers. For Example, specifying square feet >1000 and income >$40,000 generates a table with one row for each ZIP code area with column entries showing average values for customers matching the filter variables along with average load data for those customers.

Profiler software can be customized for each application to provide additional detail relevant to client applications. For example, electricity use (kWh) in each of the PG&E time periods can be provided as part of the Profiler output.

Profiler software is embedded in an Excel workbook allowing users to easily apply their own analysis to extracted data and to explore results with charts and pivot tables.

CA Residential Database Variables

Values for each of the data items in the table below are provided for each of the 500,000 California residential single family detached dwelling unit customers in the California MAISY Database.

These variables are also used in the MAISY Profiler software to identify information to be extracted from the Database.

ZIP code Heated square feet Number of bedrooms
Number of full baths Year of construction Main heating fuel
Central air conditioning Swamp air conditioning Number of window A/C units
Main water heating fuel Clothes dryer fuel Main fuel used for cooking
Use automatic dishwasher Number of refrigerators Number of separate freezer
Age of primary household member Number of adults Number of children
Someone home during the day Family Income 8760 hourly or 35,040 15-minute loads
Commuting detail Travel Mode Depature time, commute time for morning and evening commutes

MAISY CA Residential Profiler

MAISY Profiler software provides a user-friendly, intuitive interface and analytics capabilities designed specifically for the 400,000 record California Residential Single Family Detached Dwelling Unit Database. Applications include:

  • Extracting hourly loads for customers matching any combination of the variables above in any of 2,500 CA Zip codes
  • Exploring differences in hourly loads across different income levels, dwelling unit sizes and combinations of demographics, dwelling unit, and appliance holdings
  • Conducting market sizing analysis using the "ZIP Detail" option to generate reports showing the number of customers and hourly loads for customers matching any combination of the variables above for each of the 2,500 Zip code areas, individually.
winnowing process

Sample MAISY CA Profiler formats are shown below for a session that draws an average hourly load for specific customer characteristics in a single ZIP code and for a session that uses the "ZIP Detail" option to display average hourly loads for specific customer characteristics in all 2,500 ZIP codes.

winnowing process winnowing process

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