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MAISY Utility Customer Database EnergyApps

Finally - bottom line information with just a few mouse clicks. 8760 and day-type electric hourly load profiles, customer and market characteristics and more can now easily be developed for any commercial or residential customer or customer segment anywhere in the country by selecting virtually any combination of customer characteristics, any state or service area with the MAISY Utility Customer Database EnergyApp software.

MAISY EnergyApp software uses a "wizard" approach to answer customer and market questions. Selection, processing and weighting hundreds of variables and thousands of records is automated with the EnergyApp. Additional detail is provided below.


ZIPEnergyApp is the first resource to provide ZIP-level integrated information on residential and commercial utility customer energy use and hourly loads, utility rates, energy spend and weather in a single information source. Data are available for more than 40,000 US ZIP codes. The interplay of these elements is critical in determining the economics of many technology applications including solar, CHP, micro-CHP and other DER (distributed energy resource) applications.

ZIPEnergyApp also provides unparalleled customer and market information for competitive retail energy providers, ESCOs, and other energy-related organizations.

As with other EnergyApps, the data processing software is embedded in an Excel Workbook, allowing users to select one or more customer characteristics to filter the database query. The following information is provided for the user-specified customer segment:

1.   Annual and monthly electric, natural gas and fuel oil use by end-use and for the whole building

2.   Monthly day-type (weekday, peak day, weekend day) load profiles and/or 8760 hourly loads

3.   Energy spend for electric, natural gas and fuel oil

4.   Monthly weather data normals

5.   Typical meteriological year weather data

ZIPEnergyApp data reflect market segment selections identified by the user. Any number of variables and variable ranges may be selected including:

1.  Commercial: Zip code(s), SIC code or general business type, floor space, employment, weekly operating hours, weekend operating hours, space heat fuel type, fraction of floor space heated, fraction of floor space air conditioned, water heating fuel, energy use ranges, peak and off peak demand ranges.

2.   Residential: Zip code(s), income, household members, number of children, floor space, space heat fuel type, air conditioning type water heating fuel, energy use ranges, peak and off-peak demand ranges.

Any variable/variable range that is not selected by the user will be ignored in the database query. For example, specifying a ZIP code, and residential income greater than $100,000 per year will return energy use, hourly load, energy spend and weather data for the average residential utility customer with income greater than $100,000 in that ZIP code area. Specifying the same ZIP code and income threshold along with electric space heating will return energy use, hourly load, energy spend and weather data for the average residential utility customer with income greater than $100,000 using electricity for space heating in that ZIP code area.

Optional energy use and peak demand ranges filter customer selections to correspond to market segment specifications. For example, a minimum with energy use characteristics

Additional detail is available on the ZIPEnergyApp by e-mailing Jackson Associates.

EnergyApp Session

Optional MAISY EnergyApp software allows users to select market segment or customer characteristics by specifying variable value selections and or variable ranges of any of the MAISY Utility Customer Variable values. An example Profiler user interface is shown in the figure at the right.

Each MAISY EnergyApp interface and analysis capability is custom-designed to meet client information and needs. Internal EnergyApp analysis software supports selection of variables that may not be available with standard MAISY Databases such as zip code detail. MAISY EnergyApp software can present information on any MAISY Database variable including 8,760 hourly whole building and end-use loads. MAISY EnergyApp software can incorporate cost of service characteristics, pricing products, product characteristics and other information to support client analysis needs.

Previous MAISY EnergyApp software has been applied to support REP, ESCO, combined heat and power analysis, demand response, energy efficiency and other applications.

MAISY EnergyApp software is a perfect solution to addressing in-house resource constraints, extracting market and customer information of interest and applying additional information and analysis to ensure gaining the most value for the MAISY Database information.

Customer-Focused Analysis Versus Total Market Analysis

Two different kinds of analysis can be performed with MAISY EnergyApps:

Customer - Focused Analysis provides results for an individual customer or for an average customer from user-selected market segments depending on the analysis application. User-selected market segments can range from the entire market to highly detailed market subsets. Geographic location may be the entire US, states, metropolitan areas, counties or zip codes.

Total Market Analysis provides total customer counts, average energy and hourly load profiles for all customers within a user-selected market segment. Output results include all of the energy and hourly load tables and charts provided in the customer analysis and also include data on number of customers within the market segment.

For instance customer-focused analysis can be applied to evaluate hourly loads of a average office building in Philadelphia while market analysis can be applied to determine the total number of office customers in the city along with their total electricity use and load profiles.

Saving/Exporting Results

The EnergyApp user-interface and all output and analysis results are contained in a single Excel workbook. The workbook calls MAISY software to extract appropriate customer records, conduct analysis and writes results to output worksheets in the workbook. The use of Excel Workbook EnergyApp output files has a number of advantages; Excel EnergyApp files:

  • Promote sharing of analysis information in a familiar format

  • Provide easy-to-follow documentation of follow-on analysis via familiar spreadsheet functions

  • Permit easy modification of tabular and chart presentations within Excel

  • Facilitate comparison of results across multiple analysis sessions

All EnergyApps results including detailed hourly load profiles can be exported from Excel in standard CSV, text, XLS, and other file formats.

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