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2020 MAISY EV, Battery, and Solar Utility Customer Databases Provide Detailed Household, Dwelling Unit, Equipment, 8760 Hourly Loads, and Commuting Information for More than 7 Million Households. Information Necessary to Assess Technologies, Markets and the Costs and Benefits of alternative EV, Battery, Solar and Utility Strategies throughout the US.

Click here to review a 4-page white paper using MAISY utility customer data to evaluate SCE electric vehicle (EV) virtual power plant potential.

Databases Include the Following Items For Each of 7 Million US Residential Household Records:
  • All basic household/building/equipment data for each customer record (Click here to review)
  • 8760 whole building kW loads
  • Statistically representative sample utility customers for utility service area, metro Area, state, region or the US
  • Additional EV-relevant variables for each household customer record including:
      Number of vehicles
      Detailed income categories
      Education categories
      Presence of advanced electronics, etc.
  • Additional commuting variables for up to three adults in each household customer record including:
      Morning work departure time
      Morning commute duration
      Evening return time
      Evening commute duration
      Travel mode
  • Optional extended data item
      Individual customer ZIP code area
      15-minute loads
Databases Support the Following EV, Battery, Solar and Utility Loads Analysis:
  • Utility-level load support from customer EVs, batteries and solar resources
  • Potential for virtual power plant (VPP) distributed resources to supply peak period loads
  • Utility substation/feeder assessments of EV, solar and battery load impacts using individual customer data
  • Load requirements and timing to charge EV's for individual utility customers based on departure/return and commute times
  • Load clipping/sifting opportunities for residual battery storage during the day and post-commute using EV batteries
  • Load impacts of solar systems
  • Load clipping opportunities for solar/battery systems
  • EV, battery, solar product design and market assessments
  • Segmenting customers by income, load characteristics, geographic area, etc.
  • Assessment of market potentials for distributed resource demand response programs
Jackson Associates (JA) Provides Consulting Support for All Database Purchases as Well as Project-based Analysis.

For Additional Information Contact:
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