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Since its establishment in 1982 Jackson Associates (JA) has been a leader in energy forecasting, data development and energy-related analysis. Founded by Jerry Jackson, developer of the first commercial sector end-use model at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, JA focused on providing energy forecasting services for utilities, states and federal government agencies and research organizations. In the mid-1990s looming competition in electric markets created a new market for both forecasting and market analysis services for utilities and retail electric providers. JA forecasting models are still being applied with the most recent end-use forecasting applications applying agent-based models to support analysis detail required for assessments of demand-response technologies and programs.

Energy service companies' (ESCOs) need for utility customer information to develop more efficient market analysis and marketing expanded JA business to support the ESCO market beginning in the early 1990s.

JAs research team expanded to include additional economists, engineers and software engineers to meet the needs of its rapidly diversifying clientele.

Beginning in the late 1990s equipment manufactures discovered the value in the MAISY Energy Use and Hourly Load Databases (introduced in 1995) to support market analysis, product development and marketing and sales efforts. Clients included Ingersoll Rand, United Technologies, Carrier Corporation, Ice Energy, Bloom Energy, Aisen, Airtricity, Toyota and other technology companies. JA Technology applications range from traditional equipment to new and developing technologies such as combined heat and power, fuel cells, wind technologies, cool storage, solar and other technologies. JA technology analysis continues to be one of the most active application areas with smart grid, solar and battery applications the most active areas.

Beginning in 2010, MAISY data and JA forecasting models were applied to analyze smart grid technologies and demand response programs.

MAISY Energy Use and Hourly Load Databases continue to be updated and refreshed annually. The 2020 commercial and residential databases include utility customer records on more than 7 million customers across the US and are currently used by electric utilities, equipment manufacturers, retail electric providers, energy marketers and others. A list of JA clients is provided here.

All of these energy forecasting and data development and applications areas continue to be supported by the JA team.


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