MAISY Databases

MAISY Utility Customer and Hourly Loads Databases are the industry's most widely-used source of utility customer energy use and month/day-type and 8760 hourly load information.



2014 MAISY® Utility Customer Energy Use & Hourly Load Databases Now Available


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Developed from more than 5 million individual utility customer records, databases include information on a sample of individual utility customer buildings, equipment, operations and energy use. Detail ranges from annual energy use to 8,760 hourly loads for individual customers to service area and state-level energy use aggregates. MAISY profiler software supports deep drill-down operations to develop energy use information based on detailed customer characteristics.

Jackson Associates has been providing energy industry utility customer databases and analysis since 1982 Our client list reflects a who's-who in the energy industry. This Web site provides an overview of database applications and Jackson Associates services.

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Database Applications Apply an easy-to-use the Excel MAISY Profiler interface

Specify any or all building/equipment/occupant characteristics (e.g., building type, size, operating hours, annual energy use, peak kW demand, etc.) including variable ranges and the MAISY Profiler extracts appropriate database records providing an Excel workbook with:

1.  Averages and totals for each specified variable including annual, monthly and/or hourly electricity and fossil fuel energy use, and

2.  Full database records for each utility customer selecteds.

If you like, we will add analysis and calculation software and even utility rates to the Excel MAISY Profiler to give you a tool that you can immediately apply.