Residential and Commercial  and  Electricity Use and Hourly Loads Data


Jackson Associates (JA) has been providing state-of-the-art, industry-leading energy, electricity and hourly load data and information to the energy industry since 1995.

JA data and analytic products reflect items and issues requested by our clients, so our offerings always reflect the most current data and information needs of energy-related organizations.

JA clients include start-ups, Fortune 50 companies and everything in between. Data/information topics support needs of retail electric providers, new technology service providers including solar and battery companies, energy-efficiency technology companies and service providers, smart grid technology companies, electric and gas utilities, state and federal agencies, finance companies and many other associated with the energy industry. A partial client list is available Here.

Energy information needs provided by JA include energy, electricity and hourly loads data and information detail by:

  • Geographic region from ZIP codes to states to the entire US
  • Electricity, natural gas, and fuel oil use detail from hourly to annual use
  • Electricity use kW loads from 0.5 seconds to hourly loads
  • End-use (space heat, air conditioning, etc) for electricity, natural gas and fuel oil annual, monthly, daily, and hourly energy use.
  • End-use (space heat, air conditioning, etc) for electric use intervals ranging from 0.5 seconds to hourly electricity use.
  • Residential, commercial and industrial market segments
  • Databases of thousands of individual residential, commercial and industrial customers

JA electric hourly and 15-minute kW loads are a unique industry-leading data resource, developed from more than 100 data resources across the US including utility metered data, end-use metered data, accademic studies, and proprietary JA data development projects.

0.5 to 5 minute JA kW loads databases are developed with engineering analysis by applying actual end-use metered data with duty cycles, in-rush, starting and continuing current data from a variety of engineering and metered data studies.

In addition to providing standard database products, JA custom projects provide segment databases as well as analysis of detailed MAISY data to support client market/product/sales analysis.

For more information on JA support for your company contact:

Jerry Jackson, President
Jackson Associates
37 N. Orange Avenue, Suite 500
Orlando, Fl 32801
979-204-7821 (cell)

MAISY Database Features Summary:

1.   The most comprehensive, up-to-date utility customer energy use and customer characteristics for any geographic area in the US
2.   More than 7 million individual utility customer records with building, equipment, operating, occupant, end-use and 8760 hourly energy data
2.   Electricity use for hourly, 15-minute and 0.5 second kW load intervals
3.   Segment variables for each record (e.g., medical office, single-family homes, etc.)
5.   CSV and Excel workbook format for easy access and analysis
6.   Optional customized Database interface software to extract and analyze data for client applications
7.   Vetted/applied by over 150 organizations for technology and energy-related market analysis, product development and assessment, cost-of-service studies, energy efficiency, smart grid analysis, new technology analysis (PV, CHP, battery, fuel cells, thermal storage, wind, flywheels and more), REP and ESCO target marketing and more

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